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Moldoplastico, S.A. since 1955 producing excellence molds to the world, meeting the specific market needs and our customers’ demands.

We are a partner of excellence with up-to-the-minute toolmaking facilities, providing our customers with long-lasting molds with optimum cycle times and low maintenance costs.

We provide innovate solutions of product development and a team of technicians and engineers that seek the most cost-effective solutions without neglecting the performance of the mold.

Our team is both skilled and widely experienced in 3D CAD/CAM/CAE technologies including finite element analyses for filling, cooling and warp simulations.

We are a certified company with NP ISO 9001:2015 since 1985, and we guarantee the quality of our molds and the quality of the final product. Our measuring and tryout equipment’s are precises’ and high tech.

The excellence of the molds we produce are a result of the high technology and high precision standards of the company. The precision with which every project is developed enables the achievement of all the details with rigor and quality.

We provide our customers “66 Years” of acquired experience, designing, manufacturing and exporting our molds from Portugal to the world.