Intouch Monitoring
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Intouch is a scalable SaaS production and processing monitoring, scheduling and reporting/analytics system that starts saving you money and clarifying your production from the first day of implementation.

Easy to learn, quick to implement and can integrate with any ERP system, Intouch has customers worldwide in over 300 sites.

Intouch is made up of several components: A monitoring module that shows what is happening in the factory in real-time; a live scheduling module that allows the planning and scheduling of jobs and a reporting and business analytics module that provides accurate reports so that any patterns are easily spotted and changes that need to be made are obvious.

Harness the power of industry 4.0 with Intouch to

  •  Improve OEE
  •  Improve Throughput
  •  Decrease Downtime
  •  Increase Profit
  •  Reduce Energy Consumption
  •  Improve quality

‘Since implementing the Intouch i4 Cloud, Monday morning start up times have improved by 1 hour across all machines, cycle times have improved by 5-8%, uptime has been significantly improved and the real-time data has prompted us to buy a new machine and instantly we saw an increase of 30% in efficiency and cycle times and a reduction in power consumption too.’ Plastics Parts Direct