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Since 1995, CoreTech System (Moldex3D) from Taiwan has been helping international companies to make production ready products with its CAE molding simulation software. The most recent version, Moldex3D 2021, is equipped with the latest analysis technology and powerful prediction capabilities to present simulation-driven solutions for businesses. It points out potential molding problems during product development stages and provides unmatched molding reality, which greatly reduces time and money spent on trial-and-error.  

Moldex3D is consisted of more than 60% of master and doctoral employees. Together, they continue to seek breakthrough in scientific research and system to provide the most accurate molding simulation software to users.

Over the years, Moldex3D has received recognition from world-famous companies, including Toyota, Honda, Foxconn, Samsung, and Lego. To provide timely, local, and professional services to worldwide customers, Moldex3D also set up global offices in United States, Netherland, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.