C-Sert Manufacturing
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C-Serts are a permanent thread-repair solution for heavy industrial applications where failure is unacceptable.  C-Serts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty which covers pull-out, back-out, and even thread wear.  Yes, that includes cross-threading and all other forms of operator error.  The "lifetime" in our Lifetime Warranty means the whole service life of your equipment.  Made from through-hardened tool steel here in the USA, C-Serts won't wear out because they are far hardener than any fastener.  Thanks to our patented design, they won't pull out because they actually cut their way in to form a tight interference fit.  This eliminates the need for a tap and makes for a quick repair.  C-Serts even contain a built-in die to true up damaged or defective fasteners.  C-Serts are particularly useful in platens, where frequent mold changes and production pressures can cause havoc.  The whole idea is to make your repair just once and never make it again.