CAE Services

CAE Services has the expertise to analyze, identify and solve part design or warpage related concerns “before” cutting steel. From standard Injection to 2/3 shot, Gas Assist, Injection-Compression, MuCell and Co-Injection, our staff can evaluate all aspects of the part and mold design from gate/size locations, SVG timing sequences, identifying weld line locations, optimizing cycle times and applying windage to reduce warpage. GM Certified, we have developed the largest Moldflow Expert Certified team in North America having analyzed thousands of projects from Appliance, Automotive, Caps & Closures, Electronics, Medical and Packaging. 
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CoreTech/Moldex 3D

Since 1995, CoreTech System (Moldex3D) from Taiwan has been helping international companies to make production ready products with its CAE molding simulation software. The most recent version, Moldex3D 2021, is equipped with the latest analysis technology and powerful prediction capabilities to present simulation-driven solutions for businesses. It points out potential molding problems during product development stages and provides unmatched molding reality, which greatly reduces time and money spent on trial-and-error.  

Moldex3D is consisted of more than 60% of master and doctoral employees. Together, they continue to seek breakthrough in scientific research and system to provide the most accurate molding simulation software to users.

Over the years, Moldex3D has received recognition from world-famous companies, including Toyota, Honda, Foxconn, Samsung, and Lego. To provide timely, local, and professional services to worldwide customers, Moldex3D also set up global offices in United States, Netherland, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

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Spark Industries

Spark Industries was founded December 2020 with the acquisition of Fast Heat’s remaining product lines in the injection molding industry – hot runner controls, mold checkers, cable checkers, cables, mold boxes and service. The vision of “Innovation in Control” continues forward through simple and practical high-tech solutions for hot runner temperature control and maintenance.

We have invested forward with the Fast Heat product line to ensure the latest innovations for performance, value engineering and service, while maintaining a backward compatible commitment to the industry. Whether you have a 15–20-year-old Fast Heat Pulse controller or are considering investing in the latest technology, we are committed to your success.

We pride ourselves on a personalized, hands-on approach with shop-floor trials, training, service, spare parts and guidance. Spark Industries is relied upon and represented by some of the best in the industry.

We are “Innovation in Control.”

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