Ted Sberna Sr.
Lead Consultant
White Horse Safety
- Consultant with over 30 years in industrial machinery and safety controls, 
- Member of a number of ANSI National Safety Standard writing committees as well as International Committees and can provide Safe Solutions based on current Risk Assessment requirements. 
- Experience designing/implementation of integrated safety solution providing both safety and productivity improvements. 
- 1985 BSEE General Motors Institute

Expertise and services in the following areas:
• Risk Assessment
• Control of Hazardous Energy and Alternative Methods of Control
• Machine Safeguarding / Machine Safety-Related Control Systems
• Machine Safety Education & Training
• OSHA and ANSI Compliance
• Safety Integration Services
• Press and Press Brake Controls and Safeguarding / Press Related Automation Controls and Safeguarding
• Metal Forming and Metal Cutting Machines
• Injection Molding Machinery
• Packaging/Material Handling Machinery
• Expert Witness/Accident Investigation