Daniel Stephens
Vice President
Routsis Training

Daniel Stephens, Vice President of Routsis Training, has worked hands-on in the plastics industry for 30 years with a variety of roles from Toolmaker & Process Tech to Plastics & Tooling Engineer. As a degreed Plastics Engineer at Umass Lowell, he has developed some of the industry best practices for Scientific Molding including techniciques for Scientific Troubleshooting, Scientific Purging, Injection Speed Evaluation, Transfer Determination, Packing Pressure Determination, Clamp Force Determination, PVC Process Documentation, and Comparative Purging Analysis. With repsect to employee development, Dan’s largest training innovations include the creation of the SmartTech On-Site Learning Model which combines Pre-Requisite Online Training, Classroom Instruction, Skills-Development, Post-Requisite Online Training, & Completion Examinations as well as the RightStart In-House Learning Model which uses a custom training plan combining Online Training, Focused Hands-on Mentoring, SkillSet Labs, Skills-Development Worksheets, and Professional Certification.