Christian Herrild
Director of Growth Strategies
Teel Plastics
Christian Herrild has a diverse background in the plastics and chemical fields.  He is Teel’s Director of Growth Strategies.  He researches and evaluates markets and technologies, manages Teel’s project management department, and helps set Teel’s strategic plan.  Christian works closely with Teel’s technical team, including new product launches, regulatory, and material selection efforts.  In addition, he oversees branding and marketing efforts.  Previously, Christian was Teel’s Director of Sales and Marketing and managed sales and customer service.  Christian also serves as in-house counsel for Teel.  He was a Plastics News Rising Star in 2020 and was Member of the Year for the Plastic Pipe Institutes Building and Construction Division in 2018.

Christian graduated cum laude from University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School in 2012 and earned his MBA from the UW School of Business in 2011.  He has a strong technical background, with undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Chemistry from Marquette University, where in won several awards for his chemistry work as an undergraduate.  Prior to his advanced schooling, he spent two years as an industrial synthetic chemist.